Japanese adjective( 形容詞)

To day I'm going to write about adjective. 

There are two types of adjective in Japanese. ( "i" adjective and "na" adjective). 


These are "i" adjective(い 形容詞の一覧)

おおきい(ookii): big

ちいさい(chiisai): small

おいしい(oishi): delicious 

さびしい(sabishii): lonely 

かなしい(kanashii): sad

ただしい(tadashii): right, correct 

たかい(takai): tall

ひくい(hikui): short 



These are "na" adjective ( な 形容詞の一覧)

すき(な)(suki na): like

げんき(な) (genki na): strong, fine

ひま(な) (hima na): free, nothing to do

べんり(な) (benri na) : comfortable 

しんせつ(な) ( shin setsu na): kind, friendly

ゆうめい(な) (yuumei na): famous 




You can use "i" adjective and "na" adjective before a noun to describe a noun.


 1. おおきいリンゴ( ookii ringo): big apple

2. たかい学生( Takai gakusei): tall student

3. ゆうめいな人( yuumei na hito): famous person. 

4. げんきな子供(genki na kodomo): strong child